Whistleblower system

Safety is our license to operate.

MOL Nordic Tankers offer all employees and external stakeholders with relation to the MOL Nordic Tankers Group secure access to reporting channels for whistleblower reporting with possible anonymous dialogue between the whistleblower and the investigator. The MOL Nordic Tankers whistleblower system is hosted by Got Ethics A/S.

The reporting which can be submitted through the MOL Nordic Tankers whistleblower system is required to involve serious concerns that could have an adverse impact on the operations or performance of MOL Nordic Tankers and/or which could have a significant effect on a person's life or health.

Every violation report is important and helps us prevent economic losses and damage to our reputation.

All reports are strictly confidential.


Link to MOL Nordic Tankers' whistleblower system


Open Reporting 

Our open reporting system is used for non-compliance issues and other marine violations in general concerning health, safety, quality and the environment.

The primary focus is on vessel operational issues and any concern may be reported via this link.